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Information for partners

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Besides larger hotels, hostels and guesthouses more private holiday homes, apartments, summer cottages and houses better suited for family holidays are increasing in popularity. EstRent Cottages OÜ is a company which offers the owners the possibility to earn profit from their real estate. If You are interested in renting out short term Your real estate, we are ready to assist You in taking care of everything connected to finding the lodgers. EstRent will take care of everything starting with advertizing the object and accepting bookings to creating the contact between the owner and the lodger. Tou do not even have to worry about the rent. 

People who seek holiday possibilities through us are primarily families. Vast majority of them come from outside Estonia, primarily from Scandinavia, but also from other countries. The interest of our neighbouring countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Russia – towards Estonia is inreasing steadily. Nor have dissapeared Estonian holiday makers. 

Therefore we are looking for smaller and mid-sized holiday homes, summer cottages, houses, 1 to 4 bedroom apartments all over Estonia, primarily for summer months as it is the high season for tourism. 

Feel free to contact us and ask for further information. Perhaps is the house, summer cottage or apartment offered by You what the people looking for short term rental possiblities are intersted in. 

How EstRent works?

EstRent Cottages OÜ will make a written contract with the owner of the object to act as an agent.
In practice we operate as follows:

1. Getting acquainted with the object and signing the contract
When the owner of the object contacts us, we will make an appointment for EstRent's representative to visit the the object. The purpose of this visit is to clarify practical issues of our cooperation, to get to know any special conditions of using the object, and to make a written description of the object as well as taking photographs of it. During this visit the rental price is also agreed upon based on the location, equipment, number of beds of the object as well as market situation, etc. After getting acquainted with the object and agreeing on the rental price a contract is signed.

2. Marketing
Marketing of the object takes place through the website of EstRent. After signing the contract EstRent will publish details of the object on its website. It is also possible to make bookings through EstRent's booking system immediately. The owner of the object has the possibility (duty) to check the correctness of the description of the object on EstRent's website.

3. Booking
The client will choose the object and the period to be rented on EstRent's website and will provide his/her contact information. When making the booking the client will make a rental contract with Estrent. After receiving the booking EstRent will send the client an invoice for advance payment. The booking will become valid after payment of the advance payment. Immediately after the booking becomes valid EstRent will inform the owner of the booking by e-mail of telephone. Estrent will also inform the client of the owner's (or the representative of the owner's) contact information, the address of the object as well as driving instructions. 

4. The arrival of the client, staying in the premises, and departure
After receiving confirmation of the booking the client has the possibility to contact the owner and agree on the exact time of arrival. On arrival at the object the client will present the booking confirmation received from EstRent. The owner receives against a receipt from the client a guarantee payment agreed upon signing the rental agreement, and will provide the client with the key. The owner and the client will agree among themselves the exact time of departure, handing over the object and the key. EstRent is ready to assist on any matters between the owner and the client, if there are, for instance, language problems.

5. Payment of rental income
EstRent will pay the rental income at agreed times to the bank account provided by the owner. EstRent does not pay in cash.

6. Possible damages
If the client causes material damage to the object (excluding normal wear and tear) the owner has the right to demand a reasonable compensation from the client. The compensation can be withheld from the guarantee payment provided by the client. In case the value of the damage exceeds the guarantee payment, any compensation for thedamage must be agreed upon separately with the client / insurance comapany. EstRent must be informed of all compensations or demands for compensation.

Ask for further information by e-mail . You can deal with us in English.
Home » Information for partners

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